SHOOTLORENZO director + photographer

William Hill Day 2 & More Day 1

So after some 5am call times we wrapped our 2nd and final day of our William Hill shoot with The Glenn Group and Abe Froman. We got some fantastic stuff and I had the chance to work with some very talented people. Thanks to everyone at the Glenn Group, Matt and Drew from Abe, Reuben, and all the rest of the cast and crew. Can’t wait for the final spot to start airing in March. Until the next ones guys.


Up close and personal with Mr. Wilkinson. DSCF4637

Our DP and camera crew prepping for our pool shot.

Very talented actor Micah Parker on set for our William Hill shoot. If you are a Vampire Diaries fan, you can check out some of his episodes online.DSCF4661

Nice pose buddy.DSCF4669

Me with the DP, Reuben and the Sony F55. DSCF4673

Right before camera blocking.DSCF4656Jp and Cody taking a piss… while I photograph it. Very appropriate.



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