SHOOTLORENZO director + photographer

Up and onward and some Holiday thoughts…

Right now I am sitting at an airport terminal in San Diego waiting for my flight to Las Vegas to board. I’ll be spending a packed day location scouting for the Luxor spots I’ll be directing in January. I’m so tired from the holidays, but I can’t complain. I’m super fortunate to be doing the work I do so I gotta just buckle down and handle business.

Some highlights from the trip home

Great times with friends and family
Eating way too much mexican food
Seeing my bro and my mom
Having drinks with the guys with a beachfront view
Blowing up Rob’s new car
Driving down the wrong way on a one way street downtown (thanks Rob)
Beating Lisa at shuffleboard

I’m humbled by the great relationships I have in my life.

Now let’s get onto work and kill it.

My mom and I with Asian Santa (nick, lol)

Ryan and Uncle with some good drinks

My bro

Rob and an Erdinger

Ryan and I. My face is too big for that damn mask!


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